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Call me Mrs Longbottom

Got this quiz via wwmrsweasleydo and I am more than happy with the results XD

Your result for The Harry Potter Husband Test ...
Mrs. Longbottom
Your perfect HP man is Neville Longbottom.

You like the nice guy.  You don't need the best looking guy, or the most talented, or the most popular, or the most powerful.  You want a guy who'll be there when you need him, who knows how to stick through the hard times, who isn't afraid to do what needs to be done, and who stands up to even his friends when necessary.  You can't go wrong with a guy like this. 
(fanart by jeremia  http://jeremia.deviantart.com/  used with permission

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Music meme XD

This is the meme as snagged off wwmrsweasleydo

wwmrsweasleydo who got it from wwmrsweasleydo:

Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
Step 2: Post the first line (or first and second line if it's completely impossible) from the first 30 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 3: Strike out the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly.
Step 4: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!
Step 5: If you like the game post your own!

So here we go:

1. As I walk along, I wonder what went wrong with our love, A love that was so strong

2. I'm coming round to open up the blinds

3. Hold my hand as you cut me down

4. Fireworks and sparks when the fever starts in your eyes tonight

5. Please leave all overcoats, canes and top hats with the doorman There's a good reson why the tables are numbered honey, you just haven't figured it out yet by Panic! At The Disco by wwmrsweasleydo

6. Ain't no sunshine when she's gone (so easy!)

7. When you're hiding next to me annd your eyes so close to me, I hear footsteps in the dark when you hide check behind

8. Our love was lost and now we've found it

9. All we need is a drummer for people who only need a beat

10. Get back bunny, it's getting a little cold in here honey

11. When you move in right up close to me

12. You look a little better don't you know if you just wore less make up

13. Paper pockets paused my pasture

14. You remind me of a former love that I once knew

15. Here comes the rain again falling on my head like a memory Here comes the rain again by the Eurythmics by wwmrsweasleydo

16. Baby I didn't treat you quite as good as I should have Always on my mind by Michael Buble or Elvis by wwmrsweasleydo

17. There's a fine, fine line between a lover and a friend

18. I'm gonna give my aimless love, my angry heart, my desire Lucid Dreams by Franz Ferdinand by wwmrsweasleydo

19. When the tears fall away and there's no conversation

20. All I gotta do is get it through to you, You take my hand and let me lead you 

21. Standing at the dock at Southampton, trying to get to Holland or France The Ballad of John and Yoo by The Beatles by wwmrsweasleydo

22. Does he love me I wanna know, How can I tell if he loves me so The Shoop Shoop Song by Cher by wwmrsweasleydo

23. Listen, I can your voice, I need a helping hand just to beat the void

24. Ain't nobody can love me like you do (x4)

25. Only love, only love will save us now, Only love will talk me down

26. You're so complicated, you hang over my shoulder when I read my mail

27. Best intentions bring joyless drouts, pack your hacksaw come bust me out

28. Lonely thoughts, they seep into mind, into me

29. Since I met you baby, I feel that you've somehow saved me

30. Just let them talk if they want to, Talk don't bother me

See how many you can get XD

avpm draco


OK, so really I've been in about 3 days, but I got caught up in it so didn't get round to telling people sooner. Although by fortuitous circumstances, today is Hogwarts Express day, so maybe it's good I can tell someone to day!

What people want to know:

I'm in Slytherin (point the way to Draco Malfoy!)
My wand is phoenix hair core and hazel, 13 inches
I have a barn owl
I fake bought almost everything in Diagon Alley

It's amazing to look at and the extra info is really good! Although it is a bit slow for me at times, overall I love it. XD

If you're on it (or will be), message me and I'll friend you :)